Joining Artistic Swimming

Who can do Artistic Swimming?

All ages, genders and abilities are supported in Artistic Swimming. If you can swim and are comfortable in deep water then we encourage you to join a club. There are recreational and competitive programs for all ages across Victoria'


Step 1 - Find a club near you, contact them to organise sessions

Club locations & contact information can be found here

Most clubs charge a fee for each term however there may be casual classes offered by individual clubs too. The annual cost is depending on your club and how often you wish to train.

If you wish to participate in competitions there will be fees for this. Sometimes competitions are held interstate or overseas which can occur an extra expense but are important if you want to make it to the top. 


Step 2 - Register with Artistic Swimming Victoria

You also need to be registered with both Artistic Swimming Victoria and Artistic Swimming Australia which covers your insurance.

For further information about registation and fees please visit our Registration page.


Step 3 - Have Fun