World Aquatics governs Artistic Swimming

Formerly known as FINA, World Aquatics is the international controlling body of all aquatic sports, including swimming, open water swimming, diving, high diving, water polo and artistic swimming.

Artistic Swimming has been part of World Aquatics since the 1960s.

Victorian and Australian competitions follow World Aquatics Artistic Swimming rules.


World Aquatics rules describe in detail aspects of the sport such as:

  • How to run competitions
  • Defining routines
  • Judging criteria
  • What competitors can wear
  • Time limits
  • Music accompaniments
  • Roles and responsibilities

You can find out more about the World Aquatics rules which are regularly updated by visiting the Artistic Swimming section of their website. 


Prohibited substances and methods

Artistic Swimming complies with the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority. You can find out more at the ASADA website, including the current list of prohibited substances and methods .